Karoll Fernandez

Karoll has been practicing Yoga since 2009, she is continuously cultivating her
own personal practice to keep awareness and clarity to the arising sensation in
the body and to stay connected to the evolution of yoga. She is a Registered
Yoga Teacher RYT 500 hours by the International Yoga Alliance, and she has
completed the following trainings imparted by Sadhak Yoga Institute:
– Pravesa 300 Hours
– Arudha 600 Hours
– YogiMinds for Kids 100 Hours
Karoll has attended to different workshops with International Yoga Teachers for
learning more about anatomy, alignment, and techniques to obtain an accurate
set of tools to offering the appropriate guidance and share this knowledge with
her students with a traditional approach honoring all the learning transmitted
from her teachers:
– “Anatomy and Alignment” at Karma Karma Studio in Dusseldorf,
Germany (October 2013),
– “Asanas for a Healthy Spine” by Dr. Adriana Cabañas in Monterrey,
Mexico (March 2014),
– “Inverted Poses” by Marcela Cortizo (April 2015),
– “Psoas Implication on Hips opening” by Omar Cruz (May 2014)
Monterrey, Mexico,
– “Yoga Philosophy” by Dr. M.A. Jayashree (January 2015),
– “The Art and Philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga” by Ty Landrum (May 2015),
– “The Practice and The Fruits of Ashtanga Yoga” by Greg Nardi (July
– Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, full Primary Series guided by Sharat Jois in
Miami, FL. (June 2016) and New York, NY (May 2017)
– Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga “Twist into Your Center”, “ Breath, Posture and
Gaze”, “Handstand Techniques”, “Fearless Backbends” by Kino
McGregor (Houston, TX January 2018)